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Length: 79.8mm Lure Wt.: 3/4oz.  "Dots" and "lines" in one lure!SWITCHBAIT SCRATCH is a master who can freely switch actions like a switch hitter as the name suggests. If...



Length: 79.8mm Lure Wt.: 3/4oz. 

"Dots" and "lines" in one lure!
SWITCHBAIT SCRATCH is a master who can freely switch actions like a switch hitter as the name suggests. If you want to search a wide range, just retrieve it and it will pull out fish from a wide range while leaving a powerful ripple on the water surface like a wakebait. With a pinpoint, you can easily pull off a table turn over 180 degrees by rod work and drag out the monsters lurking there.
The characteristic gill cup is a hitting design that generates natural elements such as splashes and pop sounds when turning.
In addition, Scratch has set the inner wall of the body thicker than the conventional plug. This distributes the center of gravity throughout the body. At the same time as the soft landing sound makes the fish turn around, the wood plug-like familiarity with the water and the thick water pressure give off a presence that is greater than it appears to the fish under the surface. Scratch will lead your surface game to a new stage as a versatile, bold and delicate topwater plug with the ability to rush a strong individual in good condition to the surface of the water.
The high versatility that can be used with M to MH class tackles is also an attraction of the scratch. If you put one scratch in the box, you should be able to feel the depth of the bosom that can respond to various situations.

*SCRATCH has been set up so that it can exert sufficient power even with fluorocarbon line, but in order to demonstrate SCRATCH's true potential, we recommend using buoyant PE line or thick nylon line.

* SCRATCH uses a reinforced lip made of t=1mm glass epoxy, and the inner wall of the body is designed to be thick, so it has excellent impact resistance due to miscasting. However, please be aware that the rear heaton and tail propeller may bend due to miscasting.

*If you remove the rear hook, the SCRATCH will improve its turning performance as if the restraint was removed. The rear hookless setting is recommended when attacking pin spots such as overhangs, around bushes, and Leeds areas. Since there is no rear hook, it is possible to shoot tightly into the cover, and the release of the cover is improved, increasing the fighting power! It is a back setting that allows you to take advantage of monsters lurking in the back of the cover and Ries' pockets, which you had to rely on worms and frogs until now.