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Type-SPEEDWeight : 8g / 11g / 14g   Raid Japan's bladed jig is developed based on the two contradictory concepts of "slight" and "strong", "Type-SPEED" and "Type-POWER". It...



Weight : 8g / 11g / 14g


Raid Japan's bladed jig is developed based on the two contradictory concepts of "slight" and "strong", "Type-SPEED" and "Type-POWER". It also targets fish that are

While pursuing the ideal bladed jig, it is of course necessary to have a type that can be said to be the royal road, "a type that can appeal slowly with strong waves". However, the contradictory possibility of "a type that supports high-speed retrieval with micro-waves and ultra-high-pitch action" cannot be discarded.

A bladed jig is originally a lure that strongly appeals to bass lurking in turbidity, waves and wind, or in weeds and bushes due to its strong vibration, but the Japanese field has relatively clear water quality and poor structure. , It is also true that there are many fields based on open water.

While searching for a bladed jig that is effective in the field environment in Japan, I strongly felt the need for elements such as "microwaves, ultra-high pitch, and high speed" that are different from conventional bladed jigs.

With that in mind, MAXXBLADE has a lineup of two types with different strengths, "Type-SPEED" and "Type-POWER".

The development concept of MAXXBLADE Type-SPEED is "high-speed, micro-wave, ultra-high-pitch action" that is not found in conventional bladed jigs.

A high-balance design that does not break the water surface even in high-speed retrieve as well as normal fast winding level while having extremely high response that the blade starts firmly even in curve fall.

Since it can be handled in a wide speed range from dead slow to super high speed, it is strong against tough conditions such as clear water quality, open water, no to light wind, highlight conditions, etc., where it is difficult to fool the bass with a normal bladed jig, super high pitch and tight. The action creates baitfish-like waves and attracts fish. In addition, it can be said that the type speed is unrivaled in reaction type speed tricks that make use of straight running stability in the high speed range, and capture in fast-flowing areas such as rivers and backwaters.

A smart strategy is possible with a lineup of 8g for shallow water, 11g for almighty, and 14g for slightly deeper ranges and torrents.

The MAXXBLADE Type-SPEED, which was born from the "necessity" to capture the Japanese field environment, can be said to be a new type bladed jig that is Japan's original.