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Length : 107.5mm Weight : 1/2oz.  ANSWER is characterized by one-hit deadly catch that drags out quality fish in good condition due to its appearance and the power...



Length : 107.5mm Weight : 1/2oz. 

ANSWER is characterized by one-hit deadly catch that drags out quality fish in good condition due to its appearance and the power of the action it creates. 

In slow to medium retrieve, it swims smoothly from the surface of the water to the subsurface, generating ideal ripples on the surface of the water and splashing and crunchy sounds from the tail propeller. Perform "line fishing" with a not-too-strong waking action.

For rod work, it shows a variety of expressions depending on its strength and stroke.

ANSWER, which floats at a slightly downward angle, lowers its head and dives into the water by adding rod work. At that time, the propeller of the tail rotates and creates a sweet sound and splashes to attract fish even in "point fishing".

If you strengthen the rod work or take a long stroke width with a slight ripping, you can dive about 50 cm below the water surface with foam on the body while twisting. It appeals as if it were a real baitfish, and it is possible to appeal to fish that are localized in deep water.

In addition, in the extremely gentle rod work that hits the line slack with the weight of the rod, it dives as if bowing on the spot. Rotate the tail propeller when diving to emit gentle splashes and sounds. It is a method that can react even nervous fish such as after spawn by interweaving with a long stay.

ANSWER is set so that the propeller rotates during free winding and diving and generates various elements, but the propeller rotates firmly even when surfacing after diving. The propeller that rotates when the fish is brought in by the dive action and slowly rises becomes the bite trigger. Since it is pulled from below while surfacing, it is important to operate with a firm awareness of the "between ascents" to increase the catch. ANSWER has the power to attract fish from deep water more than you can imagine, so please be aware of surface and stay.

SWITCHBAIT ANSWER, which combines "point and line fishing" in a delicate area, is another SWITCHBAIT that was born as an answer to SCRATCH, and will make your offense thick and strong.

*Answer's tail propeller is set to rotate even with a weak water flow when surfacing. Please note that if the heaton is bent due to miscasting or the exposure distance of the heaton is changed, the rotation of the propeller may deteriorate. Also, please be aware that repeatedly screwing in or removing the Heaton forcibly will damage the strength of the body, causing the Heaton to come off, break the screws, damage the body, or cause water leakage.

Propellers, washers, and heatons are made of materials that are more durable than usual, but they are subject to considerable friction due to water pressure and rotation during actual use. Of course, please understand that it will wear out with use.


■ Tail propeller

An original propeller designed to bring out the appeal of ANSWER to the limit after examining all aspects such as shape, aperture angle, material, strength, and weight. ANSWER is an important part that controls the element of bite called "rotation of propeller when floating" peculiar to ANSWER. The propeller, which rotates at high speed even when the propulsive force is extremely weak, is the last push to the fish.