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The X10 is the most significant rod in the OROCHI’s storied history, opening the door of materials innovation to a better future. Inspired by the Japanese government’s commitment...


The X10 is the most significant rod in the OROCHI’s storied history, opening the door of materials innovation to a better future. Inspired by the Japanese government’s commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which focus on global goals of social, cultural, environmental, and economic well being, X10 integrates naturally-derived blank material to take another step towards better stewardship of our angling future.

X10 organic fibers harness flax cellulose microfibrils, the orthogonal layers that provide much of the structure of plant walls. Deployed in select Porsche and BMW racecars, natural fiber is quickly emerging as a viable alternative to artificial carbon fiber in select applications, due to its superior damping and shock-absorbing characteristics. Experimenting with this material throughout the blank production process, Megabass engineers selected X10 as a finishing wrap that extends from the rear grip to the mid-section.

The proprietary organic fibers of the X10 exhibit several unique characteristics. Firstly, they are lighter than their carbon counterparts. Secondly, organic fibers exhibit superior dampening properties, suppressing the blank's unwanted axial shake. This not only reduces extraneous “noise” to channel key information to the angler’s hands but tames excess vibration for a quicker blank recovery rate and reduced angler fatigue. Lastly, X10 is highly shock-absorbent, adding a protective layer to shield the blank’s carbon fiber core from external stressors.

The core blank of the OROCHI X10 leverages the ultra-lightweight carbon graphite of the DESTROYER series. Produced with a special composite method, this premium carbon material delivers the kind of sharp sensitivity and crisp control that has led to the DESTROYER’s legendary outperformance. Wrapped around this high-performance core from the mid-section through the base of the rod is the X10 organic fiber composite. With its superior damping control, it enables a more direct and intuitive connection between angler and equipment, exhibiting a blank flex that is a joy to experience.




The power finesse rod "Medusa" is a special function model in which a highly sensitive solid tip and a torqueful hard butt coexist. Power blanks with the "F3" setting are compatible with light cover approaches using light rigs, deep contact, and long distance games that search a wide area. It performs all kinds of soft baiting at a high level, such as down shot, wide bottom search with light caro, and weed bottom contact with a non-sinker high specific gravity worm. The NEW solid tip made with Megabass' original manufacturing method will surely bite even the slightest short bite, and the strong belly and butt section made of "X10" organic fiber provide accurate hook setting performance and high landing performance. In fishing where you can explore a wide range of tough fields, you will definitely capture valuable bite opportunities. ``Medusa'', a long approach model equipped with a ``grazing'' solid tip, conquers the toughness of big fields.


The rare high-power spin, Jade Python, is wearing "X10" organic fiber and has made a complete comeback. The "X10" material perfectly reproduces the overwhelming butt section rigidity that allows you to attack the crowded timber and intricate bushes with a light rig.
In addition to high torque characteristics that demonstrate lifting power that is one class above the more you bend, the new "Jade Python" is fully equipped with the light operability and high sensitivity characteristics unique to ultra-light X10 blanks. In scenes that require high bottom sensing ability, such as capturing a reservoir dotted with stamps or a rock area where many stacks occur, it exhibits high sensitivity as if you were touching the bottom with your fingertips. It is fully compatible with cover finesse where small rubber is screwed into the cover with PE line setting, against which the operability of bait tackle is impaired, minnows and shad under strong winds, and long distance games with small vibes. The high-torque spinning masterpiece "Jade Python" has been revived in modern times with improved specifications.


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