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CH-1 is Morizo Shimizu’s Super Shallow Runner crankbait. New productwith target range of less than 1 foot has been added to the lineup.It has Morizo’s preference of high...



CH-1 is Morizo Shimizu’s Super Shallow Runner crankbait. New product
with target range of less than 1 foot has been added to the lineup.
It has Morizo’s preference of high response and sharp high pitched
wide wobble action, allowing one to rapidly seek extremely shallow
waters, which were not possible before.

1. Remarkable casting distance
It is a fixed weight lure, but there is a rattle room at the end of
the body (tungsten and stainless), allowing remarkable distance and to
search wider area quickly.

2. Less than 1 foot for range setting
It dives approximately 1 foot at normal retrieve. You can aim from
water surface to 1 foot depth with the adjustment with angle of the
rod and retrieve speed, which can attract fish that stay below water

3. Quick response upon retrieving with most powerful action compatible
to fast and low speed
Due to the circuit board and fixed weight at a low center of gravity,
it responds quickly upon its contact with water. Highly appealing
sharp high pitched wide wobble action. The action and the rattle
attract fish in extensive area. Even at low speed it takes firm hold
of the water with action, and during high speed retrieval it does not
leave the water so one can use it stress-free.

4. Complex low pitched sound appealing for big bass
Most powerful high-pitched wide wobble action with two different
materials for rattle, producing complex low pitched sound strongly
appeals to big bass.

5. Fast recovery and voluntarily action inducing bites
The wide grip and wide action helps avoid covers. Even after the
contact with structures it recovers quickly not missing the strike
zone. Now, the moment of contact with structures or when retrieval
stops, the lure voluntarily moves creating action that induces bites.

TYPE Floating
DEPTH 0-1ft
2 1/4in (58mm)
7/16oz (12.5g)
Front:#5 Rear:#6