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The X10 is the most significant rod in the OROCHI’s storied history, opening the door of materials innovation to a better future. Inspired by the Japanese government’s commitment...


The X10 is the most significant rod in the OROCHI’s storied history, opening the door of materials innovation to a better future. Inspired by the Japanese government’s commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which focus on global goals of social, cultural, environmental, and economic well being, X10 integrates naturally-derived blank material to take another step towards better stewardship of our angling future.

X10 organic fibers harness flax cellulose microfibrils, the orthogonal layers that provide much of the structure of plant walls. Deployed in select Porsche and BMW racecars, natural fiber is quickly emerging as a viable alternative to artificial carbon fiber in select applications, due to its superior damping and shock-absorbing characteristics. Experimenting with this material throughout the blank production process, Megabass engineers selected X10 as a finishing wrap that extends from the rear grip to the mid-section.

The proprietary organic fibers of the X10 exhibit several unique characteristics. Firstly, they are lighter than their carbon counterparts. Secondly, organic fibers exhibit superior dampening properties, suppressing the blank's unwanted axial shake. This not only reduces extraneous “noise” to channel key information to the angler’s hands but tames excess vibration for a quicker blank recovery rate and reduced angler fatigue. Lastly, X10 is highly shock-absorbent, adding a protective layer to shield the blank’s carbon fiber core from external stressors.

The core blank of the OROCHI X10 leverages the ultra-lightweight carbon graphite of the DESTROYER series. Produced with a special composite method, this premium carbon material delivers the kind of sharp sensitivity and crisp control that has led to the DESTROYER’s legendary outperformance. Wrapped around this high-performance core from the mid-section through the base of the rod is the X10 organic fiber composite. With its superior damping control, it enables a more direct and intuitive connection between angler and equipment, exhibiting a blank flex that is a joy to experience.



``Cliffhanger'', a masterpiece that has gained tremendous trust from bait finesse specialists, has evolved further with the ``X10'' blanks. The special blanks of a different dimension, created with Hirokazu Kawabe, a leading professional tournament angler, have achieved intuitive and precise operability and extremely high cast accuracy performance, which seems to eliminate the feeling of line intervention. Megabass' unique guide setting, which uses the smallest diameter micro guide in the series, contributes to ultra-high sensitivity characteristics that transmit disappearing short bites with vivid resolution. You can easily handle finesse plugs such as small cranks and shad as well as small rubber and Neko rigs. This is a competition-specific model created to win on the bait finesse front.


"Rapid Viper" focuses on fast moving medium to small lures such as light cranking. Furthermore, the rare versatility that allows you to shoot through the pin spots of the cover that you sometimes encounter with light Texas is a new type of rod performance brought about by the "X10" organic fiber. In other words, "Rapid Viper" is good at creating games that are nimble and have a high sense of speed that allows for easy changes.
The ultra-lightweight blanks of "X10", where you can instantly experience the exquisite coexistence of "tension" and "stickiness", expand the attack range of lightweight lures with overwhelming long castability. The true value of the ``Rapid Viper'' is that it can handle light cranking of hard baits in open water and light cover games using soft baits. Its multi-performance makes it reliable even in bank fishing where the number of tackles is limited.


The legendary beast "Jabberwock", which once formed the core of Destroyer's mid-weight versatile rod, has been revived in modern times wearing organic fiber "X10".
Aggressive fast moving games using blade baits such as the DEEP-X series, vibrations, spinner baits and chatter, and long distance games where medium and large top water plugs such as I-WING are manipulated delicately and sometimes boldly over long distances.
"Jabberwock" can handle a wide variety of methods, and its sharp "fast taper" contributes to its high sensitivity characteristics when the load is low. When the load is high, the action shifts to a "regular taper" without any quirks, demonstrating excellent followability according to the load. Designed with a variable taper for added versatility. "Jabberwock", the benchmark for new generation versatile rods, has awakened as a new core model of the Orochi X10 series.


Based on the popular masterpiece "Elsail" in the Evolution series, the adjustability is further expanded with X10 blanks. Thanks to the excellent vibration damping performance unique to "X10", vibrations are thoroughly suppressed without the shaft wobbling of the nearly 7-foot flexible blank, resulting in sharp rod work, hook set response, and unrivaled accuracy in long distance games. The long distance casting accuracy has been further refined.
While compatible with all fast moving lures, in the light load range, the high tension carbon tip with a "medium first" taper is compatible with high specific gravity no-sinker soft baits and lightweight rigs. You can comfortably handle mid-level fishing with a 1/4 to 3/8 oz. football jig and reaction games with a metal vibe. When under high load, the action changes to "regular" taper, demonstrating sharp shaft performance such as cranking in weed bottom areas and weed cutting in jerk bait games. This is an extremely sharp versatile model.


The Destroyer's "Bandersnatch", which was all the rage with its power games using medium and heavy weight lures, has been re-engineered using "X10" material. It has arrived in the modern field to finally release the updated rare high spec. "Bandersnatch" is produced for power game players who challenge big fish with aggressive game developments such as deep cranking, swimbait, and slow roll with heavy spinnerbait.
The lightweight and torquey characteristics unique to "X10" have created a new type of blank that allows you to instantly experience a high power weight ratio.
"Bandersnatch" also demonstrates high attack power in cover games with 3/8oz. class jigs and Texas. This is a heavy and versatile model that allows you to tackle monsters from all directions, regardless of your style, such as powerful "winding fishing" or bold "shooting fishing".


The ``Bearing Down'' rod from the original Destroyer, which is popular as a jig and Texas-only machine, has finally arrived in the Orochi X10 series. For Hirokazu Kawabe, Japan's leading football jig expert, we have created a breakthrough setup as a new dimension jig rod. It has been elevated to a high tension jig rod that fully demonstrates the excellent vibration damping performance unique to "X10" blanks. The "X10" shaft is not just a rod with strong tension, but also exhibits high torque in a high load range. The ultra-lightweight blank of "X10", which has an amazing power-to-weight ratio, achieves ultra-fine controllability of jigs and rigs and high-resolution deep contact with overwhelming sensitivity to give you an advantage in tournaments. It will also be a great weapon when attacking deep reservoirs downhill.


"Swamp Survivor" is a power-playing model for conquering cover field games that are mainly covered with aquatic plants. Organic fiber "X10" realizes high shaft rigidity and excellent operability that makes you feel like you are 7'1" long.
In the frog game, the hook set performance that reliably pierces the thick jaws of the mat cover monster, and the highly rigid shaft that is strong all over the body and pulls in all the algae, embodies a survivor who reliably defeats the monsters hiding in the wetlands and returns alive.
In addition, in open water, it boldly supports big baits and large swimbait games in general. We will develop a strong power game in a reservoir dotted with standing trees, driftwood, and stamps. This is a rare hardcore shaft fully equipped with an all-double foot guide and double wrapping.


"Bush Adder" is a strong jig shaft that allows you to shoot jigs and Texas rigs without fear into fortresses such as impregnable bush areas, dense laydowns, and complex areas with obstacles. This is a special model of cover strategy that goes one step further, born from the tests and requests of the Megabass of America tournament team. The balance that naturally lifts the tip, the sensitivity that allows you to intuitively imagine the material that the jig or rig touches, and the directivity that comes from light operation that is not typical of a long rod are the characteristics of Megabass of America Inc. Advanced specifications for "winning", based on the knowledge accumulated over many years in USA tournaments.
The "X10" material provides powerful shaft performance that instantly hooks a short bite, instantly peels off the cover, and quickly brings the big bass to the landing without giving it the initiative. This is an aggressive, pure competition cover game special that uses a long shaft to manipulate easily, actively draw out reaction bites, and embody ``biting'' and ``quick hooking.''

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