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Danielson Barrel Swivel with Safety Snap Assortment

Regular price $4.49
For a quick change of lure and leader, you can choose just the right safety snap swivel from this 20 piece assortment. It is easy to find the swivel you are looking for through the transparent lid of this...

Danielson Hook, Swivel & Sinker Assortment

Regular price $4.49
Complete your tackle box with this 75-piece assortment. Contains baitholder and Aberdeen hooks, brass snap swivels, removable split-shots and bass casting sinkers in a variety of sizes to cover all bases.

Decoy SN-2 V Snap

Regular price $4.99
Designed to improve the performance of your lures, as well as, your efficiency on the water, the Decoy V Snap delivers a dependable connection that gives anglers the freedom to switch out baits on the fly. Built with a special V-shaped...

Decoy SN-3 Egg Snap

Regular price $5.49
A must-have for power anglers, the Decoy Egg Snap allows for quick on-water lure changes without ever having to retie. Built with an action-enhancing oval shape, the Decoy Egg Snap is capable of handling tons of pressure, large baits, and big...

Owner Hyperwire Split Ring

Regular price $8.99
Heavy duty split rings, ideal for connecting hooks to all sizes of lures. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, they are quick to "spring-back" after opening. Available in black chrome and stainless colors. #2:  37 lb rating, 16...