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Bass Tactics Jamie Bruce's Clack Shot

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The Clack Shot rattle weight's are the loudest and most versatile drop shot weights available.  With unique, custom designed auditory chambers holding the loudest rattles on the market, the Clack Shot has proven to be extremely effective at attracting...

Decoy L-12 Multi Lock Sinker Pegs

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A unique quick-changing sinker lock, the Decoy L-12 Multi Sinker Lock Pegs open the door to a wide range of create, yet effective rigging. Made to attach with a traditional loop applicator, the Decoy L-12 Multi Sinker Lock Pegs...
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Mend-It Soft Bait Glue

Mend-it is the first and still the best soft bait glue in the world. Mend-it dries clear, soft and strong in minutes. Mend-it perfectly repairs any soft plastic baits - from oily hand-poured worms to salty Senkos, tubes, creatures...

VMC Crossover Cap

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The VMC® Crossover Cap™ has a unique design that allows anglers to quickly attach multiple “tricks” to their hooks and presentations perfectly matched to support the VMC® open eye swivel for unlimited applications.
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VMC Crossover Pliers

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The innovative VMC® Crossover Pliers™ and Crossover Ring™ design maximizes efficiencies when rigging soft plastics or worms. To operate, simply slide the desired size Crossover Ring over the closed jaws. Compress the plier handles to open the jaws, stretching...
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