13 Fishing Defy Black Casting Rod

Giant fish? Heavy cover? Hell yes. Taking nods from the elite rods in the 13 Fishing line up this series delivers performance well beyond what you'd expect. Each taper is crafted to provide the best presentation and fighting ability...

13 Fishing Fate Black Casting Rod

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If you don't know the Fate Black series by now, it's time to get acquainted. This widely recognized series is back to make another bold statement. The continuing legacy of sensitivity and reactive spline on the PVG30T blank gives...
13 Fishing Fate Radioactive Casting Rod

13 Fishing Fate Radioactive Casting Rod

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So bright it needs an exclusion zone. We pulled this paint job straight from Chernobyl. The Radioactive series is not for those trying to hide. This setup is built to claim the podium and let everyone know you're doing...
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13 Fishing Fate V3 Casting Rod

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Fresh from the lab, Fate V3 has broken out of its test tube and is here. Without trying to re-invent the wheel, we added Evolve Soft Touch custom reel seat and Airfoil Carbon grips to manufacture grip and feel...

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod

Long respected as the OG of the 13 Fishing lineup, our Omen Black series continues to lead our domination of the new school. With lengths, actions and powers that cover techniques both current and emerging, every stick in this...